Darren Criss,

I have great questions to ask you. When Blaine sang the first version of Teenage Dream to Kurt, what did Blaine feel?  What did Blaine feel, when Kurt gave Blaine an advice about how to talk to his brother, Cooper? How did Blaine feel after he confessed about his feelings to Kurt in the original song? When Blaine transferred schools to be with Kurt, and Blaine wasn’t a warbler anymore, what was Blaine’s reaction to Kurt? And When Blaine kissed Kurt for the first time, what was Blaine’s reaction? I am also a fan of you and I respect the fandom of Darren Criss.

Sincerely Lori from Minnesota


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Darren Criss has opened my eyes, and ears to what Music should be! He is Raw, and emotional and His music speaks to me. He’s not just another pop cookie cutter artist. He’s REAL! and Genuine! I have only been following him for a year, but he’s such an amazing talented artist. I enjoy watching him on Glee, but prefer watching his live performances.


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I was such a lonely person my first year of high school. I had friends but none of them really understood the way I thought or the things I loved. When I first saw AVPM, it was basically the pinnacle of what made me happy. Harry Potter, theatre, and the sense of humor fit me perfectly. When I tried to share it with my friends, they just thought it was stupid, all except one. We bonded over everything Darren, including Glee. We have a running joke that one day she’ll marry Darren and me Chris. We even went to NYC together to see Darren in H2$! I love her so much, and if it weren’t for Darren, I might not have found the Herp to my Derp. Thank you, Darren!


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Hi! We are Meggie and Mirai and this is a blog for our little project that we hope you would like enough to take a part in it. Lately we read a lot of crazy stuff about the fandom and how it seems to interact with Darren. There’s nothing wrong in loving an artist - in this case, Darren -, but we think that sometimes we need to take a step back. There are a lot of ways to show your love without interfere with the aspect in his life that he choose to not put under the spotlight.
Fans are amazing and passionate, so why can’t we use this passion for a good cause? We created a group card where you can send him a personal message. Our goal is to show him how a fandom could be amazing AND respectful.
So, will you join us? We hope so! Let’s show everyone how amazing we can be! Let’s our love be the inspiration!

Okay! Moving on to the practical things! First of all, the submit box is always open! You want to thank Darren for something? You just want to share your own experience connected in some way to him? You want to ask some questions? You can do it (and, please, do it!)! Let love be your inspiration! To help you do this, we will propose a cyclical issue on which you can talk and post your impressions,
images. Everything you desire.
The second project, which, unlike the first, will last only two months, is about the creation of a group card, with which we want to thank Darren. Write down why you are grateful to him, why he inspires you, why he helps you… 
In short, again, let love tell you what you mean. Once the two months are finished, the card will be closed and we really hope we will be able to pass it to Darren. 
Unfortunately we do not have the possibility to deliver it by hand and we’ll probably have to rely on Twitter, but we are convinced that we can still do it, with everyone’s help!
So who is with us?